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I am a certified health coach, youth run club coach, nurse, wife, and mom of 2 kids. I have dealt with food allergies my entire life, and my daughter was born with multiple allergies of varying severity that were very different from mine. I knew I needed to do something to make a difference in her quality of life and to help her make good nutritional choices within the limits of her allergies. She is also participates in local cheer programs. My son doesn’t have any known allergies, but he is a very active 2nd degree black belt in karate 2+ days a week. Nutrition is super important for optimal performance and their recovery. My son and daughter are my WHY for these coaching sessions and programs. As I grow as a mom and a coach, I am building a healthier life for my family. These lifestyle choices will influence their behaviors and habits and I hope that they will continue to use these tools as they grow.

My mission is to educate and motivate families to make healthier choices and be more aware of their growing children’s needs.  


Kimberly Hopps- RN CHC

If you would like to schedule a 1:1 session, a group session, or register your children for run club, please send me an email or text. 

Please note some of my sessions are in person only. I am located in Augusta, GA. 

In person sessions:

Augusta, GA 30813
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+1 (843) 475-1730
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