The 4 pillars to good health!

Certified though Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and passionate about health and wellness. I will help guide you and your family though the wellness journey you want. 

Coaching sessions available
Hi parents,
Are you struggling to get your kids eating healthy foods and moving more?
Are you wanting to make healthy changes to your meal plans and find that elusive time to exercise, but don’t know where to start?
As your certified health coach, I am ready to help your family transform their health and help you make the simple changes needed to do it!
Through a free 5-day live and interactive wellness launch, I will give you basic tips and powerful information, that you can implement today, ensuring your family will see results in a short time.
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L.E.A.N Start

The goal of these sessions is to educate and inform participants about simple techniques they can implement in their everyday lives to develop and maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise habits, as well as a positively impact and improve overall health. We are changing the world one family at a time.  


6 1-hour sessions $300
   *Traffic Light Eating and Portion Control 
   *Breakfast and Grains 
   *Veggies and Fruits 
   *The Skinny on Fat 
   *Power up with Protein and Play 

Prime Time Health

Prime-Time Health is a scientifically proven plan for feeling younger and living longer. this program is designed to help participants:
   *understand how their body changes as they age
   * prevent diseases and help each body system age in a healthy way
   *enjoy more restful sleep, sharper thinking and memory, and less stress
   *cut their risk of cancer and the "highs"- high pb, high bs, high cholesterol
    *get strong, fit, and flexible 

4- 90 minute sessions $150 per session or $550 for all 4 sessions
    *Make your own medicine
     *Make health your hobby
     *Move waste from your waist
     *Live without pain & inflammation

Make your own medicine

Your body can "make its own medicine", but do you know how?  With a healthy endothelium, a chemical messenger called Nitric Oxide is released, which prompts the body to make its own medicines! 

This course is one part of a four course program called Prime Time Health. It can be taken alone or with the other 3 courses (recommended).

Prime Time Health, Is a scientifically proven plan for feeling young and living longer. It is for all audiences and focuses on those who are in the "prevent" mindset, those who are in the "repair" mode, and those who want to give the gift of health. 

1- 90 minute session $150

Pantry Makeover

Local customers only

During a pantry makeover, I will come to your house and guide you in making healthy pantry/ fridge food choices. 
We will go over: Traffic Light Eating, label reading, healthy substitutions, and how to make a shopping list. 
This service will take about 1 hour. It will come with a bag of supplies to help you on your health journey. 

1- 60 minute session $50

Sports Camp

Local clients- Group session only

Perfect for teams!

This "camp" is a very fast pace, interactive class, that focus on our athletic children. We will go over: Traffic Light Eating, what foods to avoid, and so much more. This 1 hour class will be sure to help your children learn about what nutrition will fuel their bodies, how to recover after activities, and what foods will prevent them for doing their best. 

1- 60 minute class $25/child with a minimum of 5 kids

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