I am happy to announce that I will be partnering with MOVE Columbia County. I hope to see you during Wellness Wednesday events. 


Run Club is an after school or home school enrichment program to promote 8 key principles and 8 running principles. While this program is unique in its self, I have gone a step further and included a small nutrition portion. We will talk about basic nutrition dos and don'ts during our cool down or while we eat a healthy snack. 


Power Words – How we talk about ourselves define who we are

Positive Thoughts – We are what we think we are

Aggressive Goals – We dare to believe anything is possible

Personal Resilience – Setbacks are welcomed as an opportunity to grow

Teamwork – We can do together what we cannot do alone

Individual Integrity – We do the right thing even when no one is watching

Community Vision – Our actions affect our community

New Beginnings – A finish line is just the beginning of a new journey

Nutrition – How to prepare your body for exercise, recover your body post exercise, and hydrate thought the day 

                                                               What to expect

Our Goals

We do not believe in the participation trophy culture. At The Element Of Wellness, children receive a t-shirt for participating, but they must EARN their end of season medal. Each season a new goal is set, and children feel part of a team as they work towards reaching that goal. We will give plenty of second chances, but we will not give a medal to avoid tears. We teach children how to handle disappointment and use it as fuel to achieve what is really important to them. When they finally do earn that medal, it will be worth more than gold.

Practice Information

Practices last one hour and is divided into four (4) main areas. Warm-up and discussion, drill of the day, end of class game, cool down and closing. We want children to leave practice both sweaty and smiling. 

 Total Sessions

There are 16 classes total- 8 core principle and 8 running skills. Most school would like their program to run for 8 weeks with 2 classes per week. 



Kimberly Hopps RN, Certified Health Coach, Children's Empowerment Run Club Coach.

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Kim is wonderful engaging with the kids and keeping them motivated to run! highly recommend! her program is filled with confidence boosting activities.

— JB-Mom of 3
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